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The  "It's  Alive"Project

Three, Two, One  "Clear! ... We have a pulse!" ... From the folks that brought Anarchy in the Ukulele to your streets bursts forth a new project ... So Punks not dead it just nipped down the offy! 

The "It's Alive" project does what it says on the tin...Estabilished in 2013...We will run regular sessions aimed at anyone who can already get their fingers around the basic chords on a ukulele...and is willing to take a running jump into mild chaos...

This new project will be aiming to perform the entire "It's Alive" album by the Ramones as a live show. Fronted by a local Joey Ramone impersonator "Jerry Bemoan".

Follow the links below for more info ... and please get in touch if you fancy joining the group. 

Mr MArbles X

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