The  "It's  Alive"Project

Three, Two, One  "Clear! ... We have a pulse!" ... From the folks that brought Anarchy in the Ukulele to your streets bursts forth a new project. So Punks not dead it just nipped down the offy! 

The "It's Alive" project does what it says on the tin...Estabilished in 2013...We run a regular session for anyone who can already get their fingers around the basic chords on a ukulele...and is willing to take a running jump into mild chaos....(some paper resources provided)...

This new project will be aiming to perform the entire "It's Alive" album by the Ramones as a live show. Fronted by a local Joey Ramone impersonator "Jerry Bemoan".

Running as a 6 month project, rehearsals will start in September at Holmfirth Technical college and we will be available for gigs throughout October-November-December.

Follow the links below for more info .... and please get in touch if you fancy joining the group. 

Mr MArbles X